Brief Artist Bio



CHEN Shaoxiong (b. 1962 Guangdong province, China)

Chen Shaoxiong was born in Shantou, Guangdong province, China, in 1962 and graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. Chen was a founding member of the “ Big Tail Elephant Group” of conceptual artists in Guangzhou in the 1990’s. Today, he works both independently and collaboratively as a member of an Asian artist collective called “Xijing Men” as well as another Chinese artist collective called “Project without Space”. He lives and works in Beijing.

His work was featured in the Venice Biennale 2003; Guangzhou Triennial 2005 and Shanghai Biennale 2002. His works have also been exhibited in PS1 Museum, and the International Center of Photography in New York; the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; Kunsthalle Bern in Switzerland; Mori Art Museum in Tokyo; Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin and Tate Liverpool.

Chen’s recent exhibitions include a solo exhibit at the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, 2012; a solo show at the PARA/SITE art space, Hong Kong, 2008; and participation in the Gwangju Biennale 2012; National Art Museum of China, Beijing, 2009; Aichi Triennale 2010, Nagoya, Japan; and, the 10th Lyon Biennale, 2010. Chen is a 2013 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Creative Arts Fellow.


陈劭雄(b. 1962)

陈劭雄1962年出生于广东汕头,1984年毕业于广州美术学院。陈是九十年代广州观念艺术小组“大尾象”的成员。 现在,他的工作一部分是独立创作,另一部分是合作项目,他是亚洲艺术合作“西京人”的成员,也是中国艺术家合作“没有空间的计划”项目成员。目前在北京生活和工作。

他曾入选2003年威尼斯双年展,2005年广州三年展和2002年上海双年展。他的作品曾在纽约的PS1和ICP,伦敦的V & A美术馆,瑞士的伯尔尼艺术宫,东京的森美术馆,柏林的汉堡火车站和利物浦泰特展出。